About Valor Security

Security monitoring services are built to protect people, property and other important assets. Valor Security will provide such services, dedicated to safeguarding those interests., while further focusing on community and outreach for Veterans.

My name is Dustin Compton  and I have passionately served in the security industry since 2008. I am a product and securities expert, who has developed and crafted this skill set for more than 2 decades.

Valor Security is a for-profit company that provides the highest quality security equipment with the world’s leading edge technology and monitors both residential and commercial properties. Monitoring services will be provided via COPS, North America’s leading provider of professional monitoring services. Currently COPS monitors more than 3,350,000 accounts and has more than 43 years of experience. They are a 100% wholesale company, meaning they do not sell, install or compete with security companies in any way, including Valor Security. Their sole focus is in providing the highest levels of security monitoring¬† for Valor Security’s customers and support for the company. This partnership perfectly aligns with both the mission and vision of Valor Security.

Valor Security is newly formed as of March 2021 that is committed to serving the cities of Ellis County and its surrounding neighbors.

Our Mission

Valor Security’s mission is to create a faith based environment that leads the security services industry with honor and integrity, exceeding the expectations from our customers, our partners, and our community.